When I create my graphic works, I use the latest techniques in digital printing technology. I work manually with digital tools to create the files that form the basis of my graphic works.
This work is time-consuming and can be compared with the creation of original lithographs, although the methods and procedures are different.

I always create my graphic works as originals, never as reproductions of my other original works. Their quality is unparalleled and they are classified as original graphic works by trade associations, leading market operators and museums.
It is important to me as an artist to work with processes and methods that comply with industrial standards, so that my works are classified as original graphic works. This is also essential if a work of art is to appreciate in value.

Over the years, I have used many different graphic techniques, including lithographs, screenprints, woodcuts, linocuts and etching. All of these techniques have their own mode of expression and charm and vary in their appropriateness, depending on what you want to achieve and communicate as an artist.
The modern digital technologies which I use allow me to create realistic graphic works of art. Given the extreme diversity of colour and tone offered by these technologies, it would not be possible to achieve these results with lithography or other traditional printing techniques.

Apart from the high quality the technology gives my works, I am very appealed and inspired by the fact that previous generations of artists did not have access to these technologies. This means that, despite centuries of artistic creation, I have had the opportunity to create graphic works of art that are unique to my time.

I sign and number my works of art by hand in a series of no more than 280 copies. No other copies are ever produced. As modern printing technologies have made it possible, I have chosen to divide my series into 4 different sizes, with 70 copies in each size.
All my pigment prints are printed on Edition Etching Rag 310 gr fine art paper.

All graphic works of art are supplied with a certificate that is embossed, signed and issued by me.

My works of art are represented internationally by fine art galleries and are also sold at high-quality art auctions.


Underwater I was chosen as the cover image for Bassenge’s Modern Art catalogue in December 2017. This was both appreciated and inspiring. Thank you, Bassenge.