For me art is a thing of beauty, but even if the women I paint are very beautiful, I cannot profess to putting beauty at the forefront. It is all about capturing the soul, charisma and mysticism in a given moment of a fleeting situation and being able to relate this emotion to others. 
The constant seeking for my own mode of expression is what drives me most when I create.

My art is greatly inspired by modern photo art. Expression-wise I am in the borderland between painting and photography. 
In my painting I aim to create a feeling of modern photo art, thus combining the best of both worlds. The photo’s ability to capture the soul and charisma of a fleeting moment; the painting with its surface, finish and exclusive feel that the photo could never hope to reproduce.

To achieve this I have adapted my techniques more towards photographic expression than painted art. 
This allows me to erase the borders between the photographic and painted art modes of expression. 
I use a technically advanced and time-consuming layer by layer technique, building up my painting in many thin layers with no traces of brushwork. I use techniques like schumring and glaze painting, which gives the impression of photo art but with a painted finish. The layer by layer painting gives the colours depth and lustre. 

My aim is to create contemporary, figurative painting that belongs in the here and now.


Paintings, selected work.

Under construction.